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Girls look at a Red Cross emergency vehicle© InfoWhat’s it all about?

The ‘Power of humanity’ is your natural reaction to pick someone up when they fall, or your instinct to get upset when you see someone suffering. This is your humanitarian nature in action and you can use it to help people in crisis.

The British Red Cross mobilises the Power of humanity when it responds to crises – whether it’s a major disaster or a local small-scale emergency. We believe that everyone, everywhere, can do something to help in an emergency.

Through our Power of humanity programme you will learn all about different emergency situations and also develop new skills that will help you become a humanitarian citizen.

How to use this resource?

There are several ways you can use this resource. You can either use the modules as self-standing activities which focus on a particular topic, or you can use them as part of a larger programme.

How many modules you choose to do - from just one to all of them - is entirely up to you, but each one provides an exiting chance to learn a valuable new skill. You can use the certificates provided at the end of each module to acknowledge a participant’s completion of the module.

If you decide to use the resource as part of a larger programme we recommend that you start with the core modules, and work your way through these first. Once participants have a clear understanding of the nature of emergencies, proceed to the additional modules and complete at least one of these. Use the ‘humanitarian passport’ to track the participants’ progress and opinions.

When you have finished your project, remember to send us a complete copy of the evaluation form. If your group completed the four core modules and at least one additional module, then you are eligible to request special Power of humanity certificates for your participants. You can do this through the evaluation form.

If you fundraised for us, you can either use the banking details provided in module five facilitator’s notes, or send us your donation with the evaluation form by enclosing a cheque made payable to the British Red Cross.

All about the modules

There are eight separate modules which are specially designed to help you learn all about emergencies while having fun at the same time.

The first four ‘core’ modules include arts and crafts, role play, as well as reporting, filming and discussions.

Four ‘additional’ modules provide you with the opportunity to learn a new skill. These feature hands-on activities where you’ll be encouraged to try out new skills- including hand massage, first aid, fundraising, and peer education.

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Celebrate your achievements

Upon completing the project why not celebrate your achievements by doing one of the following:

1. Hold an awards ceremony.
2. Hold a challenge event.
3. Nominate someone for the Humanitarian Citizens awards.

Find out more about these by looking in the Power of humanity website.

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