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Girl writing on a board filled with photos©InfoThese eight downloadable activities will help young people learn about emergencies, develop new skills and take action. Designed to be used in informal education, they are suitable for 10 to 14 year olds.

The first four core modules give you the opportunity to learn about emergencies, and prepare you for these. Activities include arts and crafts, role play, as well as reporting, filming and discussions.

The additional modules provide you with the opportunity to learn a new skill, such as hand massage, first aid, fundraising, and peer education.

Core modules

Module one: what is an emergency? 
This module gives you a chance to learn about emergencies of all sizes - and you'll get to play emergency bingo, make quick-thinking decisions and role-play emergency situations.

Module two: who responds to an emergency? 
Be inspired to think of new ways to protect yourself and others in an emergency - and enjoy an opportunity to make your own emergency cards, play ‘Guess who’ and be creative with bin bags.

Module three: Saving lives, changing lives
Use your practical skills  to solve emergency problems – and get a chance to make cookies, design a refugee camp, interview Red Cross delegates and make very important, life-changing decisions.

Module four: being a humanitarian citizen
Predict the outcome of emergency scenarios, become a news reporter, and learn all about being a humanitarian citizen.

Additional modules

Module five: support during international emergencies
Here's your chance to directly contribute to the Red Cross’ work to make people more resilient. We’ll provide hints and tips for putting on fundraising events, ideas for Red Cross items your donation could buy and advice on how to organise an exciting activity.

Module six: how to save a life
This module teaches basic first aid skills that could make all the difference in an emergency. Working in pairs, you'll practise life-saving techniques, identify potential health hazards and learn how to protect yourself and your home.

Module seven: taking action
Our therapeutic care service – which involves gentle massage to the arms, back and shoulders – provides calming relief to people who are distressed or anxious. With just a little training, you’ll be equipped to bring soothing relief to people in crisis.

Module eight: teaching others
Would you like to share all that you’ve learned? This module gives you the chance to deliver activities and learning to your peers. Tell them all about the Red Cross’ work and how they too can be a humanitarian citizen – just like you!


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