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Zoo animal fancy dress party

What is it?

  • Organise a zoo animal fancy dress party and support the British Red Cross!
  • Raise money by setting a suggested donation for people to attend your party.

What you’ll need

  • A date to have it
  • A venue – make sure it’s big enough for the number of people who are coming
  • A prize for the person with the best costume
  • People to help plan the event and run it on the day
  • Music and a sound system to play it on
  • Zoo-themed decorations to brighten up the venue
  • Refreshments – make sure you cover the cost of these with the suggested entry donation
  • Permission from your youth leader or teacher
  • A way of making sure everybody knows about it so they can join in. Think about the ways you can do this – maybe using posters, newsletters or announcements
  • A safe, sealed or lockable place to keep the money you raise
  • Someone who can write a cheque for the amount you raise

Top tips

  • If you’re not keen on this theme, just make up your own!
  • Set your party date a few weeks ahead so you have plenty of time to tell everyone about it.
  • You could sell tickets in advance – that way you’ll have an idea of the number of people coming
  • To raise even more money, you could hold a random raffle draw during the party.

All about the money

  • Ask people to donate their entrance money when they arrive, unless they’ve bought a ticket in advance – it’s easier to collect then.
  • Once the event is over and you’ve collected all the money, post us a cheque (made payable to the British Red Cross) for the amount you raised, along with a copy of the banking form from the module five facilitator's notes. Our address details are also on the same page as the form.
  • If you have any questions about sending us money or want to ask for other advice, please contact our fundraising team on 0844 412 2728 or


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