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Sona's story

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After studying English Language and Literature at Yerevan State University, Armenia, 25-year-old Sona Gevorgyan volunteered with the British Red Cross in Woking, Surrey.

I assisted the Red Cross Community Fundraising team with fundraising projects. Activities included donor, supporter and volunteer relations and care, administration and the opportunity to be involved with a number of fundraising projects including a dance competition, challenge events and recycling.

I took on the role of project manager for the Dance: Make Your Move project (a dance competition for young people to raise funds for the British Red Cross). This involved a number of different tasks including contacting schools who had signed up and being the main point of contact, encouraging schools to run fundraising events and finding volunteers to run the event.

A great opportunity

During my placement I also provided therapeutic massages at a pamper day and I created a case study for a newsletter from the perspective of different volunteers and the people they help about the difference Red Cross services makes to people’s lives.

It was a great opportunity for me to work with a team of professionals, who were ready to share their knowledge and experience with me. I have completed a number of training courses and have learnt a lot not only about Red Cross Movement, but also about volunteering in general. I have gained new skills and improved the ones I’ve had before.

I was lucky enough to make new friends and get to know their culture and way of thinking. I wouldn’t change anything about what I did. I tried to do my best and did really enjoyed my year of volunteering in the UK very much.


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