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Search and Rescue Appeal

Thousands of families are undertaking treacherous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to flee unimaginable horrors – from extreme poverty to conflict.

They know the risks. But the danger they face on this journey is a safer option than the fate that awaits them at home.

We desperately need your help to keep our rescue boats out at sea, saving lives. Standing by and watching people drown is simply not an option.

Why the Red Cross is helping those at sea

Rescue boat

Two Red Cross rescue boats are helping people to safety in the Mediterranean. Read why we help those at sea.

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Along the migratory trail

Montage of migrants holding maps with their journeys highlighted

The Red Cross supports refugees along every step of their journey. Read why people take such risks to find safety. 

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Life on board our rescue boat

Man comforted by Red Cross staff aboard the Responder

Read more about life on our rescue boats and the stories of the people who board them. 

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Search and Rescue Appeal

A woman and child wrapped in blankets are helped off a rescue ship

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