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Albin's story: renewing community spirit

A first aid volunteer helps Albin© InfoAlbin Weitacher lived on his own on eight acres of land, until a hot wind changed everything. Albin left his property, but returned a short while later to help out his neighbours and try to save some of his animals. He also tried to break into his burning house with an axe, but the smoke irritated his eyes and forced his retreat.

"I could hardly see. It was like driving through a war zone."

Once he reached the relief centre at Whittlesea, he immediately received first aid from Red Cross first aider Mohammed Alam.

"He knew what to do. He rinsed my eyes out with water which helped a lot," said Albin.

With no place to call home, 70-year-old Albin’s attitude is far from bleak. "I consider myself very, very lucky. What I have seen today … it’s pulled people together so much, the community spirit is so renewed today. People came from all directions, they just stood together and they just helped.

"If you help somebody today you will be helped tomorrow. And I found the people yesterday and today absolutely, incredibly helpful."

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