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Balkan Floods Appeal 2014

In May 2014, the worst floods in more than a century left thousands of people homeless and dozens dead in the Balkans.

 Three months’ worth of rain fell in the space of a couple of days, forcing people from their homes across Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The British Red Cross launched an appeal to help support the emergency relief efforts in the region. 

 A woman cries after being evacuated from her flooded house in the town of Obrenovac, southwest of Belgrade© Info 

Floods in pictures

Red Cross workers help in rescue efforts

The flood waters left communities submerged and forced thousands of people from their homes. Here's a few pictures from affected areas. 

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Stories from the Balkans

The aftermath of the flooding in Doboj, northern Bosnia and Herzegovina

As the waters begin to recede, so the process of recovery begins. Read stories from people affected and find out how the Red Cross is helping.

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Latest Balkan news

One month after widespread floods hit the Balkans, people are beginning to return home.

The Red Cross is helping with rescue operations as severe flooding hits the Balkans.

The British Red Cross has launched an appeal following widespread flooding in the Balkans.