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Bangladesh cyclone 2009

Thatched home surrounded by water

Why people needed help after Cyclone Aila

Cyclone Aila wrecked devastation across coastal communities in Bangladesh affecting 3.9 million people. Many lost homes and livelihoods.

Bangladeshi woman holding poultry

What we did after Cyclone Aila

Find out how we helped families recover after Cyclone Aila destroyed homes and livelihoods in Bangladesh.

Man, woman and baby sitting on their doorstep

Dina Bondhu’s story: fat crabs and smiles

After the trauma of surviving Cyclone Aila, a new business selling crabs has helped Dina and his family get back on their feet.

Mina holding her child on her lap at community meeting

Mina’s story: when disaster destroys the daily crust

In Bangladesh, Mina and her family are living a life they could barely imagine in the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Aila on 25 May 2009.

A family look out from their shelter

Monowara's story: looking forward to the future

After her home was destroyed by a cyclone, Monowara's life was hard. But with the Red Cross' help Monowara and her family found new hope.


More resilient communities after Cyclone Aila

Woman selling goods in her grocery shop
23 Dec 2011

The Bangladesh Red Crescent has helped more than 1,000 families recover since Cyclone Aila hit in 2009.

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Seeds of change in Bangladesh

Man in grocery shop with food scales

Cash grants after Cyclone Aila helped survivors get back on their feet.

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