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Bangladesh cyclone 2007

How we helped after Cyclone Sidr

A severe cyclone in Bangladesh claimed almost three thousand lives. Find out how we've helped the survivors try to recover.

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An elderly woman in Bangladesh stands in front of a makeshift shelter

Why we needed your help after Cyclone Sidr

Read about the impact of Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh and why the Red Cross needed your help.

Husband and wife outside their new home

Abdul and Rabeya’s story: destinies can change

Abdul Karim and Rabeya lost their home and livelihoods in Cyclone Sidr, but a Red Cross cash grant has given them a new start in life.

Older woman crouched outside home

Achia's story: life begins at 80

Achia is 80 years old and lost everything in Cyclone Sidr, but with help from the Red Cross she is starting a new life.

Man holding his daughter

Anwar’s story: new confidence

Anwar lost his home and livelihood during Cyclone Sidr, but with support from the Red Cross he is starting over and has found a new confidence in life.

Family standing outside home

Hazrat and Fatema's story: new dreams after Cyclone Sidr

Hazrat and Fatema not only lost their home and livelihood in Cyclone Sidr, they also lost two sons. Read their story and how the Red Cross is providing support.