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Securing land titles for tsunami survivors

Jaflinar laughs© InfoBefore the tsunami most property owners in Teunom, a sub-district of Aceh Jaya in Indonesia, did not have valid legal land titles. Now, over 1,440 households who received new homes built by the British Red Cross have also received land titles from the government.

When the Red Cross proposed securing the land titles for the homes it built, there was initially some reluctance, as people did not want to pay the obligatory annual land tax.

Through community meetings and providing information, the Red Cross persuaded people that these certificates had many benefits, including the right to legal protection for their land, increasing the value of land and the possibility of using the titles as collateral for loans.

In fact, many people have been using their land titles to get loans to improve their businesses. These are some of their stories.

Irwandi smiles from behind his counter© Info

Mawardi and Jaflinar's story

Mawardi and Jaflinar have slowly rebuilt their lives after the tsunami, moving into a house built by the British Red Cross and starting a business.

Irvandi's story

When the people of Panton village, in Aceh Jaya district, need documents printing or typed up on a computer, they head for Irvandi’s shop on the main road.