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How we helped tsunami survivors in 2006

December 2006

The construction of 269 houses on the island of Pulau Aceh in Indonesia remains on track for completion by the end of the year.  Work on 1,800 houses in Aceh Jaya has begun, with foundations dug for over 300 houses.

Around 480 families displaced by the conflict in Sri Lanka have received a first round of cash grants. Tsunami rehabilitation work continues in the eastern district of Sri Lanka.

November 2006

The Indonesia cash recovery programme has now registered more than 7,000 families (or over 19,000 people in total) onto the programme, with more than 5,000 families having received their full grant.

Good progress is being made on building 54 houses on Madifushi island in the Maldives, which should all be completed by mid-January.

October 2006

In Sri Lanka nearly 1,000 cash grants have been distributed and a further 1000 beneficiaries have filled out cash grant applications in Batticaloa district.

House construction is progressing well on two Maldives islands, Maabaidhoo and Fonadhoo.

In Indonesia, more than 250 houses on the island of Pulo Aceh are due for completion by the end of the year, when work will begin on building up to 1,800 houses in the Aceh Jaya region.

September 2006

In Indonesia, the cash recovery programme continues to expand, with more than 6,500 families registered in the two districts of Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya. Of this total more than 3,000 families have now received their full payment to help rebuild their lives. 

Meanwhile, the construction of over 250 family homes on the island of Pulo Aceh is progressing well, with all homes due for completion before the end of the year.

The foundations have been dug for more than 100 houses on the Maldives islands of Madifushi and Ishdhoo-Kalaidhoo.

August 2006

The British Red Cross is continuing its tsunami rehabilitation work in the Batticaloa district of Sri Lanka and has also been working with the ICRC and the Sri Lankan Red Cross to provide relief to civilians worst affected by the upsurge in conflict. It is providing food, clothes and other household items.

Construction of houses is ongoing on four Maldives islands. Distribution of community grants have taken place for fish processing, agriculture and community infrastructure.

July 2006

Ida Sabri weeps as she steps into new home© InfoA total of 171 houses are under construction on four Maldives islands. More than 350 are in the pipeline and will start in the last quarter of this year. Fifty-eight groups have been mobilised for community grants to restore their livelihoods.

In Indonesia, the cash recovery programme continues to expand, helping beneficiaries in more than 40 villages develop sustainable livelihoods. Construction continues on Pulo Aceh island and preparation works for 2,000 houses in Teunom are progressing well, with tender documents being signed for the first phase of 500 houses.

June 2006

The British Red Cross is building more than 250 houses in Pulo Aceh, Indonesia© InfoA ceremony was held to mark the completion of the first 16 houses in Ajuen, near Banda Aceh. Around 2,000 houses are being built by the British Red Cross in the next 18 months in Indonesia.

House construction is continuing steadily across all four islands in the Maldives with substructure levels being completed and roofs being fitted on Madifushi Island.

With security situation deteriorating in Sri Lanka, cash for work and grant distribution has taken place in accessible villages. Plans to start programming are in process in another district, just south of Batticaloa, in Ampara.

May 2006

Construction is well under way on over 250 houses on Pulo Aceh, in Indonesia. Building has also started on 16 houses in Peukan Bada with the first house due for completion on 6 June. Timber has started being delivered to Calang for the construction programme in Teunom.

Progress continues to be made in construction on the Maldives. There was a ground breaking ceremony on Isdoo-Kalaidhoo island, where water sanitation facilities are also being implemented.

April 2006

In Indonesia, contractors start work on more than 250 houses in Pulo Aceh. Further down the west coast, the construction of a port in Calang means materials for the British Red Cross’ largest reconstruction programme - 2,000 homes - can start being shipped in to Teunom, Aceh Jaya.

Fishermen in Sri Lanka start financial training so they can monitor the more equitable profit-sharing agreements the British Red Cross has drawn up with Beach Seine boat owners who received new boats and nets.

March 2006

In Indonesia, families on Pulo Aceh sign housing contracts, saying what kind of house they would like built and where it will be located, ahead of contractors arriving to start work in April.

British Red Cross funds net-making for 18 fishing grounds in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, providing several week’s work for labourers and helping out boat owners, who would usually pay wages but are still recovering from losing equipment in the tsunami.

In the Maldives, local staff are living and working directly with island communities to understand livelihoods and disaster management needs and develop disaster resilience plans. Shelter reconstruction continues on four of the islands.

February 2006

In Sri Lanka, 200 grants are disbursed to new communities on the livelihoods programme and volunteers visit over 500 families who have already received grants to check the progress of their home gardening, livestock and other small businesses.

The cash recovery programme in Indonesia continues to gather momentum. As the team prepares to expand to a fifth area in Aceh, some of the first families receive their final instalment and almost all of the 5,000 households enrolled on the scheme receive at least their first payment. Construction of three show homes on Pulo Aceh continues with the spatial planning and enabling works for over 2,000 houses in Teunom, Aceh Jaya also underway. 

January 2006

More than 4,000 bank accounts have been opened in Indonesia as part of the British Red Cross' livelihoods programme. Of these more than 1,100 people have received the first payments to invest in their future.

House construction is ongoing in the Maldives, and communities are now discussing how they can assist the most vulnerable people develop sustainable livelihoods.

In Sri Lanka, following a successful pilot programme in three villages last year, the livelihoods recovery programme is rolled out in further communities across Batticaloa District.  The first step in every location is a workshop involving the whole community, through which people identify for themselves the village’s capacities, assets, and priorities.

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