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How we helped tsunami survivors in 2007

December 2007

On 14 December, the British Red Cross hosted a final handover ceremony in Teunom to mark the completion of the construction programme of more than 2,200 houses. This was attended by the community, government representatives and several British Red Cross staff, including the chief executive, Sir Nicholas Young.

A second cash grant was provided to 102 families in Sri Lanka who are rebuilding their own houses, with a further 100 planned later this month.

November 2007

In Indonesia, livelihoods grants were distributed to more than 2,500 people's bank accounts, totalling over $880,000.

Over 300 labourers are now on site on Vilufushi Island in the Maldives where the building of 250 houses has commenced.

Two villages in Ampara, Sri Lanka have now received their full grants which started in August, a total of 1,133 grants have been dispersed.

October 2007

In Indonesia, 986 houses were handed over in Teunom by end of the month taking the total to more than 1,400.

In the Maldives, all of the 23 community project proposals were submitted to the Grants Approval Committee.

In Vaharia, Sri Lanka 730 households received cash support as part of relief efforts for those families displaced by the conflict.

September 2007

In Ampara, Sri Lanka, livelihoods restoration work got underway in three new villages and construction of an English language learning centre in one village was completed.  Continued support was provided to people displaced as a result of conflict in Batticaloa.

August 2007

By the end of August 518 completed houses were handed over in the Teunom area of Indonesia. 1,060 beneficiaries received their first instalment of the second phase of individual cash grants.

The final houses were handed over on Maabaidhoo island in the Maldives and building work has begun on Vilufushi island.

July 2007

In the Maldives all individual cash grants, totalling just under $44,000, have now been dispersed and are now being monitored. Construction of 43 houses is complete on Fonadhoo island and 54 houses on Madifushi island.

June 2007

A formal ceremony was held to hand over the first completed houses to beneficiaries in the Teunom area of Indonesia.  Of the total 1,900 houses planned, the British Red Cross now has 1,400 under construction.

May 2007

Two cash for work projects in Sri Lanka were completed in the villages of Mahakandiya and Irakkamam, Ampara District. The latter was a project to clean the community pond and thus reduce the risk of flooding in the village. A second cash grant instalment was released to 771 beneficiaries.

Houses were handed over to people on Isdhoo Kalaidhoo and Maabaidhoo islands in the Maldives. The cash grants process is nearly complete in Maabaidhoo.

In Indonesia, more than 600 livelihood grant proposals have been finalised for the 2007 phase of the programme, with bank accounts opened for all, and first instalments planned to be disbursed in July.

April 2007

1,270 houses in Aceh Jaya, Indonesia are in various stages of construction, with the first 400 due to be handed over to their new owners in the first week of June.

March 2007

House construction completed on two of the five Maldives islands where the British Red Cross is working, with residents moving into 100 finished houses.

The first cash-for-work projects have begun in Ampara, Sri Lanka, benefiting 432 people in six villages. A further 323 people have been supported to start new livelihoods. 

February 2007

A total of 31 community groups, including 200 beneficiaries, in the Maldives have received cash grants to support their livelihoods, mainly in the fish processing and agricultural sectors.

Nearly 5,600 households out of 7,000 in Indonesia have received their full livelihoods grants. A second phase of the programme is due to start in March to support 3,400 households in 36 villages.

January 2007

A total of 268 houses were handed over to people in Pulau Aceh, Indonesia on 15 January.

House construction continues in the Maldives with 54 houses completed and handed over to islanders.

As the conflict further deteriorated in east Sri Lanka, the British Red Cross is supporting seven camps for displaced people (more than 2,300 people) with cash grants in Batticaloa.

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