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Syrif's story: educating orphans

Syrif Siddick© InfoThe tsunami totally transformed the life of teenager Syrif Siddick. Within minutes the powerful force of nature left him an orphan.

The 17-year-old lost all six members of his family. He will never forget that day. “I was at home with my family when the tsunami came,” he said.

“We heard a noise and people said water was coming so we rushed outside. I was caught in the wave, which took me all the way to the nearby hills, but I was separated from my family. When the water died down I never saw my family again.”

Syrif, who lives in Blang Mee village near Lhoong in Indonesia, is now receiving assistance from the British Red Cross to help fund his education. Like many teenage boys he is mad about football and hopes to become a teacher, thanks to his education grant.

However, he also hopes to work part time as a farmer to keep alive his family’s tradition.
“I feel very lucky to have survived. Without help from the Red Cross maybe I would have had problems,” he said.

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