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Wulan's story: family reunited after the tsunami

Fourteen-year-old Wulan reuniting with her mother© InfoFourteen-year-old Wulan, from Aceh in Indonesia, was staying with a friend when the tsunami hit. They managed to escape and fled inland.

Three days later, the father of Wulan's friend found the girls and began the search for her family.

He discovered that Wulan’s home in Banda Aceh had been completely destroyed. Unable to find out what had happened to her family, he took her home with his own daughters.

On January 20, Red Cross staff registered Wulan. Her name was entered onto a database in Jakarta. Through this database, the Red Cross was able to match her details with those of her mother who had also filled out a tracing form. A few days later, she was told that her family was safe and well.

When they were reunited, her mother, Zuriah, was in floods of tears. “Don't cry mama! Can't you see that I am here?” Wulan kept saying.

She gave her mother a long hug. Then, a smile slowly spread over Zuriah’s face, as she told Wulan how glad she was to see her alive again.

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