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Desi and Randy's story: support for orphans

Teenager Desi Yustina orphaned by tsunami© InfoBrother and sister Desi and Randy Yustina were just 15 and 16-years-old when the tsunami killed their parents.

The pair live in the village of Sengo Mulat, near Lhoong where their neighbours have offered them support.

They have also been helped by the British Red Cross, which has given them a cash grant. Desi has used the grant to finish her education. She is going to start college soon and hopes one day to find a job in an office.

Her brother is using the money to invest in buffalo farming.

Desi described how she misses her parents but they have no choice but to move on with their lives.

“We live together, the two of us alone,” she said. “On some days we are okay but some days we do find life difficult. I am happy that the Red Cross is helping us and is trying to make our lives easier now that my parents have gone.”

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