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Diaries from delegates in Darfur

We have sent several delegates to Darfur, where more than four million people have been affected by fierce internal fighting. Our delegates are providing life-saving support by  distributing food, repairing water supplies and providing healthcare.

Nurse Denise Tyler with mother and child in clinic

Denise's story: from Australian outback to African desert

Even after 25 years of nursing in the outback, Denise found the situation in Darfur to be her most challenging career move.

A woman in the right hand foreground of the photo in front of other adults sitting at tables

Mairi's story: feeding babies in Darfur

Mairi supervises a feeding centre in a camp for 100,000 displaced people. She talks about child nutrition and health.

A child in Darfur being vaccinated against polio

Maree's story: ensuring fewer children die of diarrhoea

When Red Cross nurse Maree Dunn arrived in south Darfur, there was no health clinic to help children. So she set one up.

A Red Cross nurse holds a four-month-old baby

Penny's story: treating malnourished babies

Penny runs a centre for severely malnourished children in Darfur. Read about the work she does.