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Survivors' stories from Darfur

Around four million people have been affected by fierce internal fighting in Darfur, Sudan. Many have fled their homes and are suffering severe hunger. The British Red Cross is helping malnourished children in Gereida camp for displaced people.

British Red Cross delegate next to child in Darfur

Nazradeen's story: dancing again

When Red Cross nurse Penny first met Nazradeen, he couldn't walk. Now he's laughing and even dancing again.

Photo of woman and her 2 year old daughter

Halima’s story: feeding her malnourished children

Halima's youngest daughter Fatma has been treated at a therapeutic feeding centre run by the British Red Cross.

Halima and her little sister Hallum

Hallum's story: surviving diarrhoea in Darfur

When Halima first carried her little sister, Hallum, in to the Red Cross clinic, nurse Maree Dunn didn’t think the tiny girl would survive the night.

Face of Nura Bashar Ali

Nura's story: "We didn't have time to collect the children"

Next month, what little food Nura Bashar Ali was able to save from last year’s pitiful harvest will be gone.