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Halima’s story: feeding her malnourished children

Photo of woman and her 2 year old daughter© InfoHalima Ahmed is a 35 year-old mother of five.  For the last two years she has lived at a camp for people displaced by fighting in South Darfur near the remote town of Gereida.  Her malnourished youngest daughter Fatma, who is only two years old, has been admitted to a therapeutic feeding programme being run by the British and Australian Red Cross societies.

She said: “When I first got to the camp the situation was really bad.

“Things have got better with help from the Red Cross.  We receive distributions of food and things for the home, like blankets.  But we really need clothes and some new cooking pots.

“When the children get sick I’m able to take them to the Red Cross.  I took Fatma to the feeding centre because she was poorly.  I received some treatment for her, and some special food to make her well again.”  

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