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Hurricane Sandy Appeal 2012

Hurricane Sandy caused extensive flooding, damaged buildings and infrastructure and left thousands of people homeless in the Caribbean and United States.

Countries that were significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy included Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and the United States. Money raised from the Hurricane Sandy Appeal was used to address the greatest unmet need across the region. The appeal is now closed.

Map showing the worst-affected countries and the path of the hurricane© Info This map is for illustrative purposes only, and does not express a British Red Cross opinion.

Hurricane Sandy news

The British Red Cross has now closed its appeal, but the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement continues to help people in the region recover.

The Department for International Development announced today (21 November 2012) that it is providing £850,000 to support people in Cuba devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

The British Red Cross is sending support worth £80,000 to relief operations, to help the Caribbean islands recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The British Red Cross has launched an appeal to help countries that have been significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy, including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and the United States.


Hurricane Sandy: how it damaged the Caribbean

A house in St. Thomas, Jamaica, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

Before Hurricane Sandy even hit the United States, it caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean.

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Hurricane Sandy Appeal Video

Red Cross unloads aid in Jamaica after Hurricane Sandy

The British Red Cross called for funds to help countries that were significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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