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Ivory Coast Crisis Appeal 2011

How we responded to the Ivory Coast crisis

A Red Cross delegate helps a woman call her family

Following conflict in the Ivory Coast, we helped people recover.

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Ivory Coast crisis news stories

The Red Cross has started a livelihoods programme in Liberia to help more than 9,000 people still struggling after Ivory Coast conflict.

As the security situation in the Ivory Coast remains precarious, the Red Cross distributes food, seeds and other vital aid.

The people we have helped

As Picherinne fled fighting that had engulfed her village in the Ivory Coast, she escaped with her twin babies but her husband was killed.

Vanessa, 12, was separated from her family during the recent conflict in the Ivory Coast. As a refugee in Liberia, life is now a struggle.

Pregnant and fleeing fighting in the Ivory Coast, Inesse’s journey through the bush and into Liberia was a traumatic ordeal.

When Guei’s village was attacked in the Ivory Coast, she was separated from her family but found a toddler lost in the turmoil.


Why are we appealing for Ivory Coast now?

A man worries about his village in the Ivory Coast

The crisis in the Ivory Coast has been escalating for several months. Find out why we decided to launch our appeal now.

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