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Myanmar cyclone 2008

On 2 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis ripped across the coast of Myanmar, also known as Burma, bringing misery and devastation. The cyclone, which was the worst to hit Asia in more than a decade, affected more than 2.4 million people, killed more than 84,500 people and left more than 53,800 missing. Nearly half a million households across 36 townships were affected, with around 200,000 homes destroyed.

In response, the British Red Cross launched the Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Appeal and thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated, over £1.6 million was raised to help those affected by the cyclone. The British Red Cross also released £30,000 from its Disaster Fund to ensure immediate support to those who needed it most.

Find out how we helped

Woman eating at Red Cross shelter

How we helped after the Myanmar cyclone 2008

Red Cross teams helped build shelters, construct water and sanitation facilities and provide healthcare. Find out more about how we helped people in Myanmar (Burma) recover.

A man stands in front of a delta

Chit's story: making a difference in Myanmar

The night Cyclone Nargis struck, Chit braved the storm to find survivors. He rescued an unconscious woman who was in a rice paddy with three children clinging to her.

A man looks at a building to his right

Hla’s story: prepared to save lives in Myanmar

Myanmar Red Cross volunteer Hla was part of a team that helped save thousands of lives by evacuating a remote village as Cyclone Nargis approached.