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People we helped after the 2007 UK floods

Volunteers use boats to deliver food and bottled water to people cut off by floods in Gloucestershire© InfoAfter the UK's worst flooding for 50 years, we distributed grants to local authorities and charities from our National Floods Appeal to help people recover.

By the end of July 2008, grants totalling £4.8 million were passed on to 24 local authorities, who distributed the money to individuals and local charities.

Funds were allocated on the basis of the scale and severity of the flooding suffered in a particular area, and based on the number of homes affected. In their applications, local authorities needed to demonstrate how the money would benefit those most in need.

Margaret Lally, head of UK service development, said: "Many people have faced significant difficulties resulting from the damage to their homes and livelihoods. The stress of dealing with these problems also has an impact on people's lives.

"The public's generosity to our appeal has enabled local organisations to help those most in need." These are some of their stories.

Used to flooding, Lynne thought she knew what to expect when she found half an inch of water in her house. Within two hours, though, the water was several feet deep and rising.

When 80-year-old Barbara Webb’s bungalow was badly flooded, things couldn’t have got much worse. The disabled pensioner had raw sewerage in her house and had no home insurance.

Newly widowed Doris felt alone and overwhelmed when her home was flooded - until a cheque from the Red Cross helped her repair her home.

Philip had just been given the devastating news he was suffering from bowel cancer when his house was flooded by two-and-a-half feet of water.

When Graham Bailey’s home in Ludlow was severely flooded, his family had no choice but to move into temporary accommodation. Since then, their empty home has been two more times.

When 2007's summer floods hit Herefordshire, the Cox family’s home was very badly damaged. They faced months living in temporary accommodation, with all the extra costs and stress that entailed.

Allan and Lillian Richmond had just retired and were looking forward to going on holiday in the USA when the 2007 UK floods struck.