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Barbara's story: “I was at a complete loss”

Flood - Barbara Webb smiling outside her refurbished home© Info

When 80-year-old Barbara Webb’s bungalow was badly flooded in July 2007, things couldn’t have got much worse. The disabled pensioner, who cannot walk unassisted, had raw sewerage running throughout most of her house after local drains burst. Even worse, she had no home insurance.

Looking back on the events of July 2007, Barbara remembers: “It was just awful. Because I live in a bungalow everything’s on the ground level, so there was no upstairs to escape to. And the worst of it is that I wasn’t insured because I never exprected anything like this.

"The damage was so bad I had to move out for seven months. Luckily, my daughter lives across the road and her home just escaped the floodwater, so I stayed at her house. But with no insurance, I was at a complete loss. If it hadn’t been for the Red Cross, I don’t know what I would have done!

Over the moon!

"When I got the Red Cross’ cheque for £2,800, I was over the moon! I wouldn’t have been able to afford anything without you. The money meant I was able to refurbish my home. I was able to replace all my carpets, then buy a new bed, wardrobe, dressing table, three-piece suite and other bits of furniture.

"Now, thankfully, I’m very comfortable. And you should see my home – it’s lovely! My daughter was very good in looking after me for all those months, but there’s nothing like your own home, is there? I’m so happy to be back.

"Thank you so much – your help has made all the difference. I feel that if I ever have something to give in the future, I’ll give it to the Red Cross."

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