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People we helped during the 2007 UK floods

In the immediate aftermath of the floods, Red Cross volunteers helped thousands of vulnerable people caught up in crisis. Read their stories here.

Alan Duligall, whose leg was amputated last year, lives alone in Gloucester. When his water supply ran out, we stepped in to help.

When their remote country home was flooded, pensioners Brian and Glenda Meadwell were completely cut off and had to fend for themselves for a week.

Bouncing baby Harrison Essex was a little too young to understand flooding, being only a month old, but for his mother the implications were clear.

Carol McKay led the Red Cross team at two Oxford rest centres that were quickly established to deal with the 2007 summer floods.

Jan elderly neighbour Alice had their water supply completely cut off with little warning. Things looked bleak until they got in touch with us.

When the floods led to water being cut off in Gloucester, Trudie Lester had more to worry about than most – with a grandbaby due at any moment!

June Young and her fellow pensioners had been completely cut off until the Red Cross arrived with much needed emergency supplies.

When the water cut off, big-hearted Tanya Hart’s first thoughts were for her vulnerable neighbours.

Things looked bleak for homeless residents at the Dorchester Hotel in Gloucester, until someone called the Red Cross.