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Yasmin's story: relief and recovery

Yasmin cooking rice in her kitchen© InfoYasmin is in the kitchen of her home in Sholah Naja, a small town near Balakot, Pakistan, which was devastated by the earthquake in 2005. The 22-year-old is cooking rice in the kitchen. The Red Cross provided the family with emergency relief items such as cooking pots, cups and dishes and also hygiene kits.

They also received corrugated iron sheeting and a shelter repair kit to rebuild part of their home, creating a temporary shelter for the coming winter.

Yasmin remembers the terrible day clearly: “I was at home with my mother when the earthquake struck. I was up on the roof and my mother was below when the building collapsed on top of my mother, falling directly on her head. She now has brain damage and cannot hear anymore – she can speak but she can no longer understand.”

The extended family of 13 still live on the site of their home but only the kitchen remains of the original structure and an outside tap with toothbrushes and soap attached to the wall acts as a bathroom. They plan to build a large house nearby. 

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