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Haja's story

Monsoon rains caused extensive flooding throughout Pakistan in 2010, killing more than a thousand people and causing widespread damage to 1.2 million homes.

“In my whole life I’ve never seen a flood like this one,” says Haja Ahmad Din, 65, from the Sindh province in southern Pakistan. “There was so much water.”

In October, Haja’s family was one of thousands of families in Sindh who received food and other relief items from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Haja couldn’t stop smiling as he came to collect two wheelbarrows full of goods. "These will make our living conditions much better," he says.

Unbelievable destruction

Man stands in queue for relief items following Pakistan floods© InfoDuring the floods, Haja and his family – including his wife, their two children, and their 13 grandchildren – were stranded on the roof of their house for four days.

Haja says: “At first it was just a little bit of water and we thought it would just go away like usual. Then suddenly it got higher and higher. I have never seen such destruction.”

Haja’s family only had enough food to last for two days, and they had no option but to drink the flood water. ”We took some bags of our belongings onto the roof,” Haja says, “but thieves came and stole them.”

In the end, the family got away by shouting for a neighbour’s boat. After some time away, they recently returned to their village to begin rebuilding.

“Our house has collapsed and we have only a few good rooms for our large family,” Haja says. “The tarpaulins and shelter tool kits I received today will be very useful.”

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Six months after the floods in Pakistan began, millions of people remain homeless and in need of help.

Our logistics specialists are helping over 90,000 people a week receive relief items and food in Pakistan.