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Hamza's story a donkey helps me earn my familys dinner

5 July 2012

After floods in Pakistan washed away or damaged all the family’s belongings, Hamza, his wife and four children had to survive off one meal each a day. Thanks to a Red Cross livelihoods grant, Hamza, 35, now earns enough to provide for his family.

Before the floods, Hamza was a casual labourer. But, left with nothing, the family struggled.

A grant from the Red Cross enabled Hamza to buy a donkey and cart. Now, he collects wood and sells it to factories that produce charcoal. He also earns extra money providing a transport service in his local community.

Doubled income

Hamza’s daily income has more than doubled, and he has been able to put aside some savings. He can also afford healthcare and three square meals a day for his family. He says: “Before, our meals were only naan bread and one vegetable curry. Nowadays, I try to get fish for my children.”

The Red Cross livelihoods programme in Pakistan has supported over 4,000 families with cash grants since June 2011. The British Red Cross has provided the funds and delegates to enable the programme to run.

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