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East Africa Food Crisis Appeal 2011

In 2011, famine, drought and conflict left millions of people in east Africa needing food, water and healthcare. The Red Cross provided emergency relief across the region to mitigate the impact of drought. We continue to support work in Dadaab refugee camp.

Map of East Africa

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Your donations have helped the Red Cross provide relief to hundreds of thousands of malnourished people.

Access to food in the Horn of Africa is improving, but around 250,000 people still face starvation.

Stories from the field

Zeinab has a small amount of grain, but no appetite to eat it. The Red Cross is helping her with healthcare.

Thousands of Kenyan kids are now in school thanks to a Red Cross feeding programme.


East Africa blogs

Kenyan woman in head scarf

Why did the food crisis occur? How can we stop it happening again? What is the Red Cross doing to help?

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