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Stories from East Africa

Across east Africa, Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers helped their communities survive severe drought, high food prices, and the death of their livestock.

Here are some stories from the people we helped, and from the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly in their communities.

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Zeinab, a mother in Kenya, has a small amount of grain, but no appetite to eat it. The Red Cross is helping her with healthcare.

Food is a huge incentive for families to send their children to school, and thousands of Kenyan kids are now in school thanks to a Red Cross feeding programme.

Kenya Red Cross water and sanitation officer Paul Waikwa is helping lead a project to pump water to seven drought-affected communities.

Kanyang's grandmother brought him to the Kenya Red Cross' centre for severely malnourished children, and he's now recovering.

August may traditionally be a school holiday in Kenya, but ten-year-old James and his friends go to school to eat lunch every day.

Nutritionist Irene Njoki Njiru travels across Turkana in northern Kenya to make sure malnourished children and vulnerable women have enough to eat.

In North Turkana, Kenya, where there’s one doctor for every 155,600 people, Dr Amin is literally a life saver.

After she went missing, the Kenya Red Cross tracked down mother-of-seven Anisa Ibrahim and helped her get vital treatment for herself and her family.

As severe drought causes misery for millions, Ali and Ismail are examples of how longer-term investment can help people survive hard times.

With her animals dying and her family struggling to get enough to eat, Amina worries about her children's future.

Fatima is struggling to take care of her family due to the drought. The Red Cross is proposing long-term solutions for her community.


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