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Cholera in Haiti

Haiti child with cholera being treated© Info

Since its emergence in October 2010, there have been 717,203 cases of cholera in Haiti, as of November 2014. 

In just over four years, the disease has claimed the lives of 8,721 people in Haiti. 


The British Red Cross cholera response programme in Haiti ended in January 2012, while the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has recently scaled up its public health operation. 

The British Red Cross operation reached 326,000 people, including the treatment of 18,700 serious and mild cases.

A cholera treatment unit was set up in La Piste camp while people from neighbouring areas were also sent there for treatment.

A second British Red Cross cholera treatment unit was set up in the south of the country, in Port-à-Piment, along with an ambulance service. 

Rehydration treatment points were also set up in three areas of Port-au-Prince: Automeca Camp, Delmas 19 and Annex de la Marie.

Part of our response involved raising awareness among the local population about how to avoid infection and recognise the symptoms to halt the spread of disease.

Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers went door-to-door to inform people about how to keep themselves safe, while local radio, newspapers SMS technology and other media were also used to reach as many people as possible.

Continuing work

In the fight against cholera, education is crucial. The disease is avoidable and, where necessary, treatable, but an effective response needs the active support of the public, governments and humanitarian organizations.

This is why the IFRC launched a two-year campaign in 2014 based on the objectives of a ten-year plan created by the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

With 30,000 volunteers across Hispaniola, the Red Cross is in a unique position to make cholera elimination a reality.

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Updated January 2015.


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