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Survivors' stories from Haiti

Man stood facing the camera with crates of drink behind him

Frantz’s story: back to business

After the earthquake, Frantz had little energy to reignite his business. But thanks to a British Red Cross loan, his business is trading and creating jobs.

Luciana with her son outside her new home in Haiti

Luciana’s story: giving birth in an earthquake

After giving birth during an earthquake in which she lost everything, Luciana struggled to survive but with Red Cross support she is now thriving.

Girl walks through Haiti camp

Mark's story: hope amid disaster - video

Arriving in Haiti two months after the earthquake, Mark South was prepared for the worst. But amid the devastation, he found Haitians trying to rebuild their lives.

Marielene looking through a bag of bread for distribution

Kneading success together

A new bakery has opened in a Port-au-Prince community thanks to a Red Cross finance scheme and the efforts of local people.

Josette selling fruit on the street in Haiti

Josette's story: a new market and a new future

A new market place, built by the Red Cross, is one of the best things Josette has seen since an earthquake devastated her neighbourhood.

Johnny in front of drainage ditch in Automeca camp

Johnny’s story: digging for better health in Haiti

Johnny dug drainage canals in Haiti’s Automeca camp where he helped people keep healthy and fight off cholera.

A young man outside a shack holding a Red Cross parcel

Ambroise’s story: living alone after the quake

Ambroise Abrogo, 19, was out on the streets with his friends about to go and play football when the Haiti earthquake struck.