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Homeless and broke at 62

A woman standing outside a house with bamboo walls© InfoHours before Typhoon Haiyan wrecked Nenita’s home, she still had no idea a storm was coming.

But then the disaster sent a mango tree crashing through her shack on the island of IloIlo. That falling mango tree changed the 62-year-old’s life for ever.

Nenita’s husband is blind, and her daughter lives across the sea in Manila. “It’s hard to survive here with no income,” Nenita said.

After the 2013 disaster she moved in with her nephew nearby – but had little chance of paying for a new home herself. Would Nenita and her husband ever have somewhere of their own to live?

They would – thanks to the Red Cross. We built her a new home, designed to stand up to future typhoons.

The team who put it together included local volunteer carpenters trained by the Red Cross. Now these volunteers have skills to help them find work in the future.

Although life is still hard, Nenita and her husband say they are comfortable in her new home.

  • Thanks to our supporters, we are helping people thousands of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan earn a living, get a safe place to live, stay healthy and prepare for future disasters. Local volunteers are at the heart of this work. See more stories from the Philippines.
  • You can help people caught up in emergencies around the world, by donating to the British Red Cross Disaster Fund.


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