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Ray and Pat's story: 'It was a terrible day'

When a water pipe burst at their Cardiff home in the early hours, Pat and Ray Morgan were beside themselves with worry – until British Red Cross volunteers turned up to help.

The local fire service turned up very early on 6 August and turned off the utilities, but more than 16 hours later the elderly couple still had no water or electricity.

What made matters worse is that Ray (77) is diabetic with limited mobility, and also recovering from cancer.

Distraught couple

He recalled: “It was a terrible day. We weren’t able to make as much as a cup of tea all day and had no idea how long we’d be left without power.”

Finally, the distraught couple called the fire service again – and they got straight on to the Red Cross fire and emergency support (FES).

Big difference

FES volunteers Dai White and Joanne Rendle immediately sped round to provide the couple with a warm meal and long-awaited cup of tea. They also arranged for all utilities to be reconnected.

Ray said: “The volunteers were absolutely wonderful – very kind and caring – and their help made a big difference after a very difficult day. I can’t praise or thank them enough.”

Find out more about fire and emergency support (FES).

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