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About Everyday First Aid

Everyday First Aid is a simplified and easy way to learn basic first aid skills. You can learn Everyday First Aid skills here or face to face by booking a course in your local area.

Man clutching chest being helped by woman© InfoEveryday First Aid online enables you to learn basic first aid skills at your own pace and in a variety of ways. It features real people in real-life scenarios and allows you to learn skills through watching videos and through written text, with additional information in our question-and-answer section. Some scenarios also have supporting animations to help you understand the reasons why the first aid works.

Extra features include a downloadable factsheet, a quick reference guide if you are short of time and a quiz to test your knowledge, which also allows you to download and print a certificate as a record of your learning.

By making first aid skills simpler and easier to learn, we hope people will be more confident and willing to use their first aid skills in an emergency. Many people think someone else will help or know what to do. In fact the more people there are at the scene of an accident, the less likely the person is to get the help they need. It is also important to remember that you’re more likely to give first aid to a member of your family or a friend than a stranger.

Everyday First Aid is easy to learn and easy to remember and makes first aid really easy to do. First aid should be an everyday life skill, so let’s make first aid second nature.

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