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Hero golfers swing into action

When a man suffered cardiac arrest in his back garden, the outlook was very bleak – until three quick-thinking sportsmen at a golf course next door heard his wife’s cries for help.

Julian Ferguson knows that he’s a very lucky chap.

Just consider: he collapsed in his garden in rural Helensburgh in Scotland. The nearest ambulance was 25 minutes away. And without a radical medical intervention, he was very unlikely to survive.

Which is what makes his story so remarkable.

Quick help

Upon discovering her prone husband, Julian’s wife, Jenny – a trained nurse – started administering chest compressions and screaming out for help.

Luckily, the Ferguson’s back garden is right next to Helensburgh Golf Club – and three nearby golfers heard her call.

Once they found out what was wrong, the trio ran to grab the clubhouse’s defibrillator and rushed back to help the casualty. (They also called 999.) After delivering four shocks, Julian started to show faint signs of recovery.

The defibrillator gave Julian a fighting chance until the paramedics arrived. Soon after, he was rushed off in an ambulance – and after eight days recovering in hospital was back in good health.

Heroic action

Following the incident, Jenny was full of praise for the quick-thinking trio on the golf course – Calum Kennedy, Sam Banyard, and Colin Taylor.

She told the Helensburgh Advertiser: “If it had not been for the three of them, it’s unlikely Julian would still be here. I’m eternally grateful and our whole family would like to thank them.”

But how did the three golfers know there was a defibrillator at the club house?

That was thanks to a new health partnership – which includes the British Red Cross – that has been teaching local people about CPR and defibrillator use. In fact, a training session had taken place at the golf club just weeks before.

Recently, the three golfers were deservedly honoured at the golf club in recognition of their heroic action. And presenting their certificates? Jenny Ferguson, of course.

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