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Injured pensioner saved by students

Just weeks after learning first aid with the British Red Cross, three students helped a pensioner who collapsed while walking his dog.

The quick-thinking trio – Sam Ashcroft, Oliver Walkden and Jess Smithtodd – were walking out of their college in Leyland when they saw pensioner Norman Farnworth fall heavily to the ground.

While Sam ran to find a first-aid kit, Oliver and Jess asked a passing postman to call 999. Then they started helping Norman, who was slipping in and out of consciousness. 

‘Kept calm’

Sam recalled: “There was a lot of blood from a head wound where he’d hit the floor, so we controlled that and also kept his airway clear.”

Oliver added: “We kept very calm. We knew that if we panicked, it would just make the situation worse. But because of our training, we knew what to do.”

There was another complication. Jess added: “The poor man’s dog kept trying to wake him up, so we took control of the pet too.”

‘Beaming with pride’

The three students were trained in first aid recently as part of their public services course. 

Their tutor, Naveed Sharif, was also at the scene and got to see their handiwork first-hand. Looking back at the stressful incident, he’s immensely proud. 

Naveed said: “They knew exactly what to do. They put a blanket under his head and bandaged up his wounds, then put him in the recovery position.

“They did an absolutely excellent job stabilising the man and got everything right. I never usually get to see the fruits of my labour, so I was just beaming with pride.”

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