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‘Saving Megan is the best thing I’ve ever done.’

Pensioner Alex McTaggart saved Megan Higgins' life when she was just a baby – and was moved to tears when they were recently reunited.

Ten years ago, British Red Cross first aid volunteer Alex McTaggart was confronted at his front door with a scene he’ll never forget.

The former forklift truck driver had – unusually for him – popped back home to his Glasgow flat during a work-break, when there was a loud rap at the door.

What he saw next made his blood run cold.

His neighbour Andrew was standing there with his one-year-old daughter Megan hanging, apparently lifeless, in his arms.

She had suffered a severe febrile convulsion, a fit that can occur when a child has a fever.

‘Traumatic experience’

Alex said: “Andrew knew I did first aid. Megan was just lying there floppy in her dad’s arms with a blue face, and wasn’t breathing. She was gone.

“I told him to phone 999, then put her on the table and started performing CPR. It felt like forever but after a few minutes I heard the most wonderful sound I have ever heard – she started crying.

He added: “Andrew was so glad to have his daughter back and we were both so emotional. It was a very traumatic experience for both of us.

“And the funny thing is, I never usually came home during the day. I think a guardian angel was looking over us.”

‘Amazing man’

Following the incident, the two families were especially close until Megan moved across Glasgow with her mum a few years later and they lost touch.

But recently the Daily Record newspaper traced Megan – now a healthy ten-year-old – after Alex told them that saving her was his proudest moment.

The delighted pensioner said: “To see Megan now, so alive, is wonderful. When I heard they had found her again I had a wee cry.”

Megan’s mum, Libby, was also really excited about the reunion. She said: “There was always a bond between Alex and Megan after he saved her. She used to knock on his door and give him a cuddle.”

She added: It’s been great to see Alex again. All those years ago, I thought I had lost my daughter and he gave her back life. He’s our hero – an amazing man.”

Training counts

Alex, a Red Cross volunteer for 23 years, is convinced his first aid skills are the reason Megan is still here today.

He said: “All this comes down to my training with the Red Cross. The whole reason I got into volunteering was because I wanted to do something worthwhile, and I really have.”

“I tell Megan’s story wherever I go with my first aid and have people in floods of tears. It’s the best thing I’ve done in my life.”

He added: “Seeing her again has brought it all flooding back – and now we are never going to lose touch for the rest of our lives.”

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