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Scout leader's a first aid hero

Just months after taking a first aid course, Apryl Hammett came across a road traffic accident – and jumped straight in to help.

Apryl, who learned first aid for her voluntary role as a scout leader, was driving through Essex with her husband and two children when a dramatic scene unfolded before them.

She recalled: “We could see a woman had been hit by a car and was lying by the roadside. Fortunately, a passing doctor had already stopped and was treating her.”

‘Bleeding heavily’

Apryl didn’t hesitate: “I asked my husband to speak to the driver, who was obviously upset, then raced over to help.”

It was immediately clear that the woman was badly injured. Apryl held her head and spoke softly, keeping her calm and still while the doctor checked for injuries.

The scout leader said: “She was bleeding quite heavily from a head wound, which previously might have frightened me. But I remembered the Red Cross trainer had explained head wounds can bleed a lot.”

Stable condition

Fortunately the paramedics arrived quickly, but Apryl continued to reassure the injured woman.”

Altogether, she helped out for about half an hour until it became clear the situation was in hand.

She said: “Both the doctor and the paramedics thanked me for being so helpful. And later, I was relieved to hear the woman was in a stable condition.”

‘Very calm’

Looking back, Apryl said: “I’m sure I’d have stopped to help even without my training, but having those skills meant I was much more confident and effective. I felt very calm, simply because I knew what to do.”

Now the Chelmsford mother-of-two wants to encourage more people in her area to equip themselves with first aid skills.

And there was another clear benefit from her heroics. She explained: “I’m really glad my kids saw me responding. It’ll help them get the message about the importance of first aid.”

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