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The instant first aider

Just an hour after completing our first aid course, Mamta Juneja saw a motorcyclist flying past her through the air on a busy road.

The Middlesex woman, who had just finished an afternoon of basic first aid training. She was waiting at a bus stop when her journey home took a turn for the surreal.

She said: “I heard a crash and saw a motorcyclist flying through the air – his helmet was going one way and his bike the other. I could also see a pedestrian was badly injured behind him.”

Dazed and confused

As other pedestrians stood dumbstruck by the chaotic scene, Mamta didn’t hesitate to step forward and help.

She said: “The motorcyclist wasn’t looking at all well. His eyes were rolling back, his head and arm were cut, and he was making noises. I shouted at him: ‘I’ve just had first-aid training – can you breathe?’”

As she was treating him, the confused motorcyclist actually tried to stagger off – and he was a big man – but Mamta insisted he wait for the ambulance.

Instant first aider

Once the biker was comfortable, the novice first aider next checked on the injured pedestrian, wrapping her cardigan around his bleeding arm. Before long, official medical help arrived.

Looking back on the incident, Mamta said: “I’d been asking tons of questions all through that day’s course. Little did I know that I’d be putting it into practice on my commute home.”

She added: “It just shows that even the most basic training can make a difference.”

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