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The magnificent six first-aiders

When a pensioner had a nasty fall outside a shopping mall and knocked himself unconscious, this impressive lot didn’t hesitate to jump in and help.

It started off as a nice afternoon browsing the shops. But things took a dramatic turn for one group of schoolchildren when they saw an elderly man topple over.

Luckily, the six 15-year-olds – from Sneyd Green's Excel Academy in Hanley – had all completed a British Red Cross first aid course just weeks earlier.

Rushing over to help, the pupils comforted the casualty, checked his breathing and dialled 999.

‘Unconscious and bleeding’

Daniella Holmes recalled: "I saw the old man fall from the corner of my eye, so we all checked to see if he was okay – but he was unconscious and bleeding.

"We were really worried for him – it looked like it could be serious – and when I saw he was unconscious, I made sure he was still breathing.

“If I hadn't done the first aid course, I wouldn't have known what to do."

Put into practice

Chloe Lake added: “I immediately called the ambulance. I was really shocked – and was nearly crying – but luckily we'd done the first aid training, so I used that and tried to keep calm and help the man.

"We'd only done the course a few weeks ago, and it was the first time I had used my skills. I knew what to do, but it's very different when putting it into practice.”

‘Great students’

Each of the pupils is convinced that their first aid training made a big difference. Chloe said: "I think everyone should do a first aid course. If I hadn't, I probably would have just ended up panicking and been no use."

The pupil’s teacher, Mr Harvey, added: "They're really great students whom you can always rely on to do the right thing, and this is a perfect example of their qualities.

“Young people get a bad press at times, but it's good to see them doing something like this without being asked and showing they're good role models."

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