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Zeinab's story: Help during pregnancy

First-time mothers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from advice, support and reassurance about their pregnancy – as Zeinab Garakulova has found out.  

Zeinab is expecting her fourth child. So far it is her smoothest pregnancy yet, thanks to the support of the Turkmenistan Red Crescent. Red Crescent volunteers advise mothers and those with babies on the way about maternal health and family planning.

Zeinab, from the town of Tagtabazar, first heard about the Turkmenistan Red Crescent eighteen months ago through a neighbour who was training to be a volunteer. She says: “My neighbour told me that the Red Crescent helps to educate women who are pregnant, so I asked her to teach me what she knew.”


Much easier


She says: “During my previous pregnancies I felt much worse - I had low blood pressure, headaches, and I generally felt unwell the whole time, but I didn’t do anything about it or go to a doctor.

“This pregnancy is much easier thanks to all I’ve learned from the Red Crescent. I’m going to a doctor for regular examinations, I’m eating the right kind of food and taking vitamins and I’ve learnt about family planning.”