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Eve’s story: ‘A nice man came with a wheelchair’

When Eve O’Malley fractured her ankle playing in the park, it looked like she’d be stuck at home for weeks – until we provided a special wheelchair.

The seven-year-old, from Leeds, was feeling pretty glum. But then her mother called the British Red Cross’ mobility aids service to ask about wheelchair hire and things quickly changed for the better.

Eve said: “When my mummy called the Red Cross they were very kind. A couple of days later, a nice man came to my house with a wheelchair for me. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the British Red Cross for helping me to get out and about.”

Quick recovery

She added: “I am home schooled so mummy is going to do some lessons about the Red Cross and I’ll enjoy learning all about the charity.”
The mobility aids service is available for both adults and children. By loaning wheelchairs and other equipment, it enables people to return home quickly after a hospital stay, or go on holiday with friends or family.

Child-friendly equipment

Eve’s mother, Elizabeth, said: “The Red Cross turned an unpleasant experience into a lovely one. I worried we wouldn’t be able to cope after Eve fractured her ankle but knowing the Red Cross were there gave me safety and security. We could go shopping and carry on with everything as normal.”

Alan Ryder, service manager, said: “There’s often an increase in demand for children’s wheelchairs over the summer months, so we decided to add more wheelchairs and leg elevators to our stock. I’m so pleased we’ll now be able to help more kids like Eve.”

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