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Mary’s story: ‘I wasn’t sure how I would cope’

Pensioner Mary Jenkins was facing a tough time alone at home – until our volunteer called round to help.

The 82-year-old, from St Judes near Plymouth, was left with limited mobility after knee replacement surgery, but that wasn’t her only worry. 

She explained: “I was concerned about how I would cope after leaving hospital as my neighbour, who usually helps out, was away. 

“Both my sons live in North Devon and my granddaughter, who lives in Plymouth, was busy with a new baby, so I wasn’t sure how I would manage.”

Hospital visits

But then Mary remembered the British Red Cross’ support at home service, which had helped her a few years earlier after a similar operation – and things started looking up.

Once Mary got in touch, volunteer Sandra Hocking immediately started making weekly visits. She collected the pensioner’s shopping and made sure she had all she needed at home. 

The Red Cross also provided transport so Mary could attend her regular physiotherapy appointments at a nearby hospital. 

‘Very friendly’

Mary said: “Having those lifts to my hospital appointments and back home again was a great relief, as I would have otherwise found it very difficult to get there each week.”

She added: “Sandra was such a help and always very friendly. The support at home service is wonderful: I would highly recommend it to anyone."

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