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We help man who ‘fell right on his nose’

After pensioner Jeremy Norton suffered a crunching fall and ended up in hospital, we made sure he got home safe and sound again.

The energetic 75-year-old was walking through his home town of Weston-super-Mare recently when he took a nasty trip in the street.

He recalled: “I was crossing the road and the kerb was higher than I imagined, so I had the most appalling crash and fell right on my nose. I had a black eye, a good 'un, and nearly knocked myself out.”

‘A bit woozy’

As he lay prone on the pavement, concerned shoppers hurried over to help.

Jeremy said: “A young couple got some towels and a dressing gown from the charity shop opposite to keep me warm as I waited for the ambulance.”

The pensioner was rushed to his local A&E department, where he was quickly treated by doctors and assessed by a physiotherapist who gave him a more suitable walking stick.

Jeremy said: “By then I really wanted to go home, but I was still feeling a bit woozy and rocky. I lost my wife 18 years ago so I live on my own, apart from my cat, Maxi.

“To be honest, I didn’t know how on earth I was going to get home – then Sam from the British Red Cross appeared as if by magic!”

Happy and comfortable

Sam Harris works with the Red Cross’ A&E assisted discharge service, which is actually based inside Weston General Hospital.

Three days a week – working from noon till midnight – he transports vulnerable patients back to their homes and helps them get settled back in.

Sam said: “The main thing I did was make sure Jeremy got home safely. We had a chat during the journey about how he was feeling, and I made sure he was happy and comfortable once back in his home.

“I also checked on Maxi the cat – Jeremy had been worrying about him – and then stayed until I was sure everything was okay.”

‘Brilliant’ help

But even this wasn’t the end of the story.

Jeremy added: “Next day, I got a follow-up call from the Red Cross, and had a nice chat with someone who just wanted to check I was coping all right.

“I was mightily impressed with the whole thing. The Red Cross; the people who helped me in the road; the ambulance crew – I couldn’t have been better looked after. It was brilliant.”

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