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Win’s story: ‘I got wheeled down the aisle!’

Win and her fiancé Neil were looking forward to tying the knot when disaster struck.

Ten days before their wedding, she slipped on the stairs at her Shropshire home, dislocating and breaking her ankle very badly in three places.

After six painful days in hospital, Win was eventually discharged – but now only had four days to organise the rest of the wedding plans.

Bride’s big day

Fortunately, Neil was on hand to let their friends know about the mishap and make some small rearrangements. Most importantly, though, he also got in touch with the British Red Cross mobility aids service.

The Red Cross loaned Win a self-propelling wheelchair with large wheels so she could remain as independent as possible.

And so the bride did make her big day. A proud Neil wheeled her down the aisle at St Saviour’s in the Wirral where they tied the knot. (Their honeymoon plans, however, did understandably have to be delayed, since they revolved around long walks and bird-spotting.)

‘Excellent service’

Looking back, Win said: “How would I have managed without the wheelchair? I don’t know.”

Win used the wheelchair for a further two months while she recovered. Having the extra mobility meant she could accompany her new husband on shopping trips, and regularly get out and about.

It also meant Neil was able to fully enjoy his wife’s company during their first months of marriage. He said: “It is an excellent service.”


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