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Toolkit for young people with disabilities

'Getting up and getting on with it' is a toolkit that supports those working with young people who are going through the transition from supported to independent living. 

Many young people with physical disabilities miss out on routine experiences such as taking part in community activities and using public transport. Understandably, this can affect their self-esteem and self-confidence.

And when these young people make the transition from being at home to living independently, family ties can be broken and friendships lost. Such occasions may also leave parents and carers worrying about increased vulnerability. 

The toolkit is split into seven sections, which can be used as and when required.

  1. Being me: developing self-awareness
    This section explores ways of supporting young people in building self esteem, primarily through understanding and challenging unwanted patterns of thinking and behaviour.
  2. Knowing you: building sustainable relationships
    Through a series of training sessions, participants explore how to develop and maintain their own identity while recognising the natural interdependence of relationships.
  3. A home of my own: getting and maintaining a tenancy
    This section provides advice for participants starting out in their own home. It outlines how best to integrate with other residents, manage a tenancy and access housing services.
  4. Healthy living: ways to live a healthy lifestyle
    These interactive sessions enable participants to devise a healthy living plan by offering practical guidance on diet and showing how to incorporate physical activities into their daily routine.
  5. Out and about: accessing the local community
    Public transport can raise a number of challenges for young people with disabilities. This section provides practical tools to help participants develop the skills they need in order to travel independently and with confidence.
  6. Taking my place in the world: actively participating in society
    This section – designed to help build a sense of culture and community – encourages participants to work together as an effective team, and ultimately design and run a service project within the local community.
  7. Buddy up
    This section provides guidance on managing a buddy mentoring scheme, which can be run alongside any of the six learning themes detailed above.


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