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How to prepare for terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks happen without warning. If you’re particularly concerned about the threat of a terrorist attack, keep an eye on the government warnings.

Be prepared for terrorism

Above all, be vigilant. Terrorist attacks usually happen in public places. Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, vehicles or packages. If you have any fears or suspicions whatsoever, inform the police straight away if possible. You can call the Police Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321.

In buildings and on transport, make yourself aware of the emergency exits.

During an incident

During an incident, look for the safest way out of the building or away from the vicinity if outdoors – and leave as quickly and calmly as possible. If items are falling from above – get under a sturdy table. If you’re trapped in debris, stay close to a wall and tap on pipes so that rescuers can hear you. Don’t use matches or lighters in case of gas leaks.

When there is fire following an incident, stay as low to the floor as you can and exit as quickly as possible. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth. If a door is hot to the touch, don’t open it. Try to stay below the smoke at all times.

If there is an explosion outside your building, stay inside away from windows, lifts and outside doors, in case there is another bomb in the area. If you saw the explosion, or any suspicious behaviour, tell the police what you saw. 


In the immediate aftermath of a terrorist incident, help others if you are able to administer first aid. Volunteer any information you think may be at all helpful to the police, describing what you saw.

In the time that follows, be careful of the effects of shock. You may not realise you are in shock, so see a doctor as soon as possible.

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