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Tuning in to earthquake advice

Radio listeners can get life-saving information with the twist of a dial, thanks to a Nepalese Red Cross programme that is helping people prepare for earthquakes.

The weekly 15-minute radio show is broadcast to most of the country and covers a wide range of topics, focusing on health issues and how to get ready for disasters. Recent episodes have looked at everything from cataracts to winter weather.

Producer Pushpa Khanal says: "Almost every week the show includes messages about earthquakes - one on how to prepare, and one on what do during an earthquake."

Simple tips

The advice includes how people can make their homes safer, and what they should do if the disaster happens while they are driving. The show also promotes the simple drop, cover, hold routine that everyone should follow in the event of an earthquake.

Pushpa’s programme is broadcast at the same time on 16 radio stations across Nepal. It features reports from around the country, as well as shorter news items and lots of interaction with the show's audience.

Pushpa says: "It's very popular. Listeners text in feedback and we answer their questions."

The messages are part of the Kathmandu earthquake preparedness scheme – a partnership supported by the British Red Cross that includes the Nepalese Red Cross, the Nepalese government and other organisations.

More info on screen and in print

The radio show is just one way the Nepalese Red Cross is using the media to pass on earthquake advice. Messages are also appearing in newspapers and on television.

These messages could save lives when a disaster happens - whether they appear in print, on screen or on the air.