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How we're helping with floods in Nepal

A Red Cross project in the Jhapa region of the Terai now supports people in 54 communities to reduce their risk from floods and other disasters. Over two years, it will help more than 54,000 people from over 11,700 households.

The project improves people’s lives through training to help them learn new skills. Using what they learn, communities will be able both to cut risks from floods and to stay safe when they do happen. They can also use their new skills during other emergencies.  

The project works in four main areas to:

Support people to respond to floods and other emergencies

  • the first step is to establish village committees to prepare for and reduce risks
  • each committee creates a community fund to call on during emergencies
  • they also establish a basic early warning system for flooding or other crises
  • people get help to design and create small-scale environmental changes, such as flood defences.

Help families earn a living

  • families with a less secure income will get cash grants to invest in small businesses
  • this could include raising livestock or learning tailoring skills, for example.

Improve health and hygiene

  • each community will learn first aid and establish a local service
  • training will help people identify and deal with common medical conditions and danger signs during pregnancy and birth
  • all households will build or gain access to safe water and toilets
  • people will learn how to keep drinking water clean.

Develop local Red Cross branches to respond better

  • local branches will improve their emergency planning and response
  • when floods do strike, they will help with first aid, search and rescue, and distributing relief supplies.

By the end of the project, people will have new skills that they can use to make their lives more secure, healthier, and more stable. 

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