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Key dates to help you plan your lessons

Planning lessons for the term/s ahead?

Create some space in the timetable and use our list of awareness days and events (and accompanying teaching resources) to plan topical, engaging lessons.

We offer a range of resources on various topics which are suitable for primary and secondary teachers (covering ages 6–19).

Summer 2017


Awareness day/event Resources
Red Cross Week
8 May is Red Cross founder Henry Dunant's birthday
(7–13 May)
Celebrate all the Red Cross does to help people in crisis; use our teaching resources to explore the concept of humanitarianism, or get involved through fundraising.

> Introduction to humanity (ages 8–11)
> What is humanitarianism (ages 12–14)
> Humanitarianism in action (ages 14–19)
Walk to School Week
(15–19 May)
Walking to school (ages 10–11)
Child Safety Week
(5–11 June)
Life. Live it. (ages 6–11)
Children can use films and games to learn how to stay safe in this popular resource.
Refugee Week
(19–23 June)
Celebrate the contribution refugees make to the UK and encourage a better understanding between communities.

This year's theme is ‘our shared future’. Our 2017 resource is for ages 14–16 (with differentiation options for ages 11–13) and is designed to help learners see refugees as "someone like me", at the same time as recognising and accepting our differences.
International Friendship Day
(30 July)
Introduction to humanity (ages 8–11)
Help your class reflect on the word 'humanity', the idea of 'shared humanity' and helping others.


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