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Key dates to help you plan your lessons

Planning lessons for the term/s ahead? 

Create some space in the timetable and use our list of awareness days and events (and accompanying teaching resources) to plan topical, engaging lessons.

We offer a range of resources on various topics which are suitable for primary and secondary teachers (covering ages 6 – 19).

Spring 2017


National Storytelling Week: 30 January – 6 February

Teach children about flooding with the storytelling/literacy exercise in our emergency flood resource (suitable for ages 6 – 9).

Holocaust Memorial Day: 27 January

Red Hand Day: 12 February

Raising awareness of the plight of children forced to serve as soldiers.

World Book Day: 2 March

  • Stigma and migration (suitable for ages 10 – 13) – includes a list of books that explore migration, stigma and discrimination.
  • Over Under Sideways Down (suitable for ages 10 – 19) – a comic book about a young refugee's journey to the UK which helps students explore identity, alienation and the value of friendship.

National Good Samaritan Day: 13 March

A day for unselfish actions to help those in need and to celebrate kindness.

  • First aid learning for young people (suitable for ages 11 – 19) includes activities about the bystander effect – a situation where many people see someone in need of help but no-one steps forward to help.

World Water Day: 22 March

World Health Day: 7 April

Young people (aged 11 – 19) can learn about a range of health issues, including asthma, meningitis and other first aid skills with our first aid learning for young people resource.


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